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Lemurian Hematoid Citrine Quartz Cluster Portal Crystal

VAT included 3 Dagen

Lemurian Citrine from Tibet with Heamatoid Inclusions


This is a cluster of Seeded Lemurian Seed Crystal from the region of Tibet in the Himalaya Mountain Region. In particular a Citrine Quartz Cluster specimen with haematite inclusions or just to keep it simple we will just call it a Hematoid Citrine Quartz Cluster.

This particular specimen has been with us for a long time and has partaken in many peace and healing ceremonies throughout Europe and is ready for it's new caretaker / group of caretakers. The reason we call this a seeded portal crystal is because of the intentions that are seeded in it. In this particular case the contribution towards the manifestation of peace grounded in the heart through balancing thoughts and emotions. The haematite contributes towards releasing all dence energy and clearing that by returning it to the magnetic core of our earth and refilling it with Golden and Ruby Rays of Light starting from the root right up to the crown.  

This and other Seeded Portal Crystals are only recommended for those wish to partake in a exelerated program to the higher realms as all Seeded Lemurian Crystals are connected to a large Portal of Lemurian Seed Crystals that have been seeded by different elders throughout the world.

If you would like to recieve more information on this Global Lemurian Seed Crystal Portal feel free to contact us with any questions.